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Lisbet is Associate Professor at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape. She has  years of experience from architectural practice. In 2012 she recieved her PhD at AHO with the dissertation titled: “Social Concerns in Contemporary Architecture: Three European Practices and Their Works”. Currently, Lisbet coordinates the Master in Urbanism programme, and teaches in the Urban Design Studio.


Arctic City|Innovating Urban Practices|Learning Flexibility

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Hvor smart?

Konkrete undersøkelser og diskusjoner av digitaliseringens betydning for norske byer: Digital teknologi er en sentral del av samfunnsutvikling og hverdagsliv, og blir stadig viktigere i byutviklingen... Read »


Norske floker – Urbane utfordringer

  • Harboe, Lisbet|Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie|Hoelscher, Kristian|Petersen, Sobah Abbas|Christie, Ingrid

Et stort demografisk skifte til urbane levesett og den økende urbaniseringen gir både muligheter og utfordringer. Blant de største utfordringene kan vi nevne ressursknapphet klimaendringer og byvekst, sammen med mer komplekse og sammensatte samfunn... Read »



This book documents the joint effort of an international group of researchers and students of architecture and landscape architecture to understand the everyday Kirkenes, its life, and the thinking of the inhabitants about the town and its future. These crucial local elements inform the students so that their design proposals can better suggest ways that the future of the town could unfold... Read »



Hvilken vei skal byene gå?

  • Hoelscher, Kristian|Harboe, Lisbet|Petersen, Sobah Abbas|Christie, Ingrid Nytun|Geirbo, Hanne Cecilie

What is the future of our cities? Central to discussions at Habitat 3 (The UN’s Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development) in Quito will be how cities – both developed and developing – can respond to dynamics of increasing complexity, fragility and insecurity in the coming decades... Read »

Conference paper

Urban landscape hybrids in Arctic cities

The Arctic is urbanizing. Not just in terms of demography and economy, but also in terms of cultural evolution, changing values and lifestyle choices. The tension between colonial modernization as expressed in architecture and urban planning and indigenous ways of life is evident in many Arctic cities... Read »

Conference paper

Place Specific Arctic Urbanism

The planning of Arctic cities largely still happens within a modernist master-planning framework. This tendency has paradoxically persevered, as anti-urban identity discourses relating to indigenous populations have left little room for re-evaluating city design... Read »

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TropiNordic Design Dialogues: Colombia-Norway

A group of architects, landscape architects and urbanists traveled to Colombia, all the them connected to The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). The research seminar they attended was organized in collaboration with the Bogota Museum of Modern Art, the center for Urban and environmental studies EAFIT, Giancarlo Mazzanti studio and the Norwegian embassy in Bogota.

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Building and Learning in a Place

The Fogo Island Inn tells several stories at once – amongst them one on the power of internationally acclaimed architecture in a stunningly beautiful and remote location, to one of the power of local ingenuity, craftsmanship and community building.

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Den vitale byen

Hva er det som gjør en by vital? Og kan man planlegge for en vital by? Det er blant spørsmålene som diskuteres i boka Den vitale byen av Jonny Aspen og John Pløger, som nylig ble lansert på AHO.

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Playful and serious: Four architects’ initiatives

Young architects explore the possibilities of more a pro-active role in order to address potentials and shortages in specific urban situations. In my presentation at the “Re-designing the Gap” in Oslo, I presented and discussed a small selection of contemporary works in Norway and Oslo.

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