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Site Specific Design as a Driving Force for Harbour Transformation



Developing “attractive, sustainable cities” has become a trademark call across Europe. In harbor cities, especially, “waterfront projects” re-envision once inaccessible areas as lively mixed use districts. These urban plans usually cover vast areas, and take several decades to realize. While supporters claim to be doing innovative, experimental planning, most adopt very similar methods leading to generic project outcomes with minimal, if any, local character. More »

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Site-specific Innovation

Currently, cities across the Northern European region are actively redeveloping their former industrial harbours. Indeed, harbours areas are essential in the long-term transition from industrial to information and experience societies; harbours are becoming sites for new businesses and residences, but also places for emerging lifestyles and cultural processes. In this transformation process, harbours provide arenas for a new urban dynamics, involving multiple sectors and functions in society, as opposed to the monoculturalism prevailing in the ages of the industrial city. To us, the critical question is how innovation may contribute to urban life and site-specific qualities Read more »