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Journal of Landscape Architecture (JoLA)

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About the project

JoLA is the peer-reviewed journal of the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS). It fosters research methodologies specific to landscape architecture and aspires to expand the range of communication modes for research.

Since 2006, JoLA has published bi-annually; beginning in 2014, it publishes tri-annually. Once a year, issues follow a call for papers on a specific theme. JoLA’s aim is to support, stimulate, and extend scholarly debate in landscape architecture, cultivating the diverse identity of the discipline.

The ‘publish or perish’ mantra has clearly reached landscape architecture as young and more established academics alike are pressured to constantly publish in scientific peer-reviewed journals in order to maintain credibility. Like most editors we have been struggling with how to reasonably meet new realities of academia without compromising an integrity, which is rooted in two principles:

  1. to contribute to the scientific knowledge of landscape architecture by publishing new research of the highest standards, while respecting the spirit and letter of the conventional rules of scientific publishing;
  2. to simultaneously recognize the necessity (and hence incorporate) unconventional forms of knowledge creation (images, critical reading of built work, etc.).

The ultimate aim of academic research is to produce knowledge and generate constructive insights. Journals disseminate such knowledge and insights. JoLA attempts to do this for landscape architecture and its allied fields. Landscape research is clearly reaching new levels of complexity as it positions itself centrally and culturally in the discourse on urbanism, ranging from disaster reconstruction to river re-engineering to aerial reconnaissance. And with this expanding role and rising complexity come new challenges and new pressures but also new horizons and new unexplored territories. In order to be correct and relevant and to obtain an optimal combination of forms of knowledge JoLA has sought, since its foundation, to break the mould of more traditional journals. In addition, to complement the forms of knowledge of conventionally produced scholarly articles, JoLA gives space to the reflective practitioner and to design research.

other editors:

1. Karsten Jorgenson (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Articles editor; (Joerg Rekittke and Bruno Notteboom — new editors 2014)

2. Bernadette Blanchon-Caillot (École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage), Under the Sky editor (Noel Van Dooren — new editor 2014)

3. Catherine Dee (until 2012); Kamni Gill (University of Sheffield), Thinking Eye editor

4. Bianca Maria Rinaldi (University of Camerino), Book reviews editor