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Experimental Urban Ecosystems Accounting (URBAN-EEA)

Type of project
Basic research
Research Council of Norway
01.07.2016 -> 31.12.2019

About the project

Improving the decision-support relevance for municipal planning and policy.

The URBAN EEA project will demonstrate synergies between experimental ecosystem accounting (EEA) for the national system of economic and environmental accounts (SEEA), and municipal level mapping of urban ecosystems and their services to urban inhabitants. Mapping and valuation methods will assessed in the Greater Oslo region aimed at identifying potential trade-offs and synergies in ecosystem services where green infrastructure is subject to urban development. Spatial mapping databases will be developed that are compatible with standards for national accounting, that can be accessed and updated by land use planners and policy makers, and that provide periodically updated information to the public on the status of urban ecosystems.


(Photo: Helge Høifødt)