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Kjerstin Uhre




Kjerstin is an architect MNAL at the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape. Her research at the Future North Project focus on landscape transitions in the European Arctic, and is based in Tromsø. Through visual multi-sited ethnographic analysis of the ecocultural footprint of a copper-mine prospect affecting both coastal and pastoral communities in Finnmark, her thesis addresses the alternate prospects for re-productive landscapes, Sámi reindeer herding, coastal fishery, and outfield environments in the context of Scandinavian policies for industrial mining.

Uhre publishes and lectures in Norway and internationally. She graduated from Bergen School of Architecture in 1994 and holds a ‘mellomfag’ (90 ects) in Philosophical Aesthetics from the University in Bergen. She is partner in Dahl & Uhre architects. D&U’s practice has in addition to designing built projects, alongside with teaching, conducted prize-rewarded experimental and participatory urban projects and entries in idea- and architecture competitions at regional and territorial scales in the Nordic Countries.


Future North|The Perforated Landscape

Publications (12)

Conference paper

Sápmi and the Fennoscandian shield – on and off the map

Triggered by European Union’s Raw Material Initiative and intensified resource mapping, a negotiation of the limits of exploitation is emerging; in it decision makers go to extremes in accepting environmental damage. This paper unfolds discourses on resource extraction from two cartographies representing the same territory with different names and worldviews... Read »

Book chapter

Appearing and Disappearing Landscapes 2.0.

‘DAHL: I think the notions Appearing and Disappearing landscapes and the notion To charge the landscape with new energy in all our projects have been related to different conceptions of landscape. In a sense a kind of explorative position of landscapes under pressure, searching for a terminology on its behalf so to speak... Read »


La Byen Synges

Letter to the editor, Tromsø paper Nordlys. january 12th 2013 ‘I høst var vi mange stumme vitner til at dialogenes by fremstod som samehetsens by. I selskap med mange andre som vanligvis er svært engasjert i spørsmål om Tromsøs utvikling, holdt jeg meg utenfor ordskiftet som fulgte byrådets beslutning om å trekke søknaden om innlemmelse i forvaltningsområdet for samisk språk... Read »

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Northern arrival

The AHO Future North team has met up locally in Kirkenes with our partners at the Barents Institute. This is our first joint visit to the Circumpolar North. Our project team has gathered together a diverse set of interests and competencies: landscape theory, architecture, interaction design, ethnography, political science, and narrative.

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