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Bendik is an architect with a PhD from AHO. His research interests include: housing research (floor plans/spatial layouts in particular), sustainable urban development, walkability and bikeability, network and accessibility analyses including Space Syntax based methodology.


Experimental Urban Ecosystems Accounting (URBAN-EEA)|Housing and Neighborhoods|Location in Cities and Variations in Housing Prices|Measuring Bicycle Impedance in Bicycle Route Networks|Sykkelstrategier for oslo

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Distances, accessibilities and attractiveness; looking at new approaches to include measures of urban form in hedonic pricing modelling?

The population of Oslo increases rapidly and the corresponding demand of housing is an issue of great public, political and professional interest. Today, we can see several interesting discrepancies in the housing market, such as very high prices for dwellings with low technical standards and dwellings located in neighbourhoods very different from those planned and built today... Read »